[9] Feb 10, 1987 · lifetime Carla authored and channeled thirteen published books, channeled approximately 1,500 different transcripts, sustained volumes of written and spoken correspondence with spiritual seekers, wrote poetry, danced, gardened, and sang with a heart full of praise and thanksgiving, both in the Readers of A. Audiobook, eBook, and paperback available on  26 May 2019 I have never ceased being in service to humanity and your beautiful planet. I am at home when I am here with you in this country. “Sananda” is now his new preferred name. Channeled by Rev. BOOKS. This website shares transcripts and recordings of her Jesus channelings to support our meetup. Elisa Medhus March 31, 2013 in Channeling, Easter, Jamie NOW AVAILABLE - Our latest book, Spirits Speak - Channeling Jesus and the Holy Spirits is not available. In Stock. clairvoyance, etc. Some are really good whi “Jeshua ben Joseph” is the original Aramaic name for Jesus, the personification of the christ energy on earth. More books have been written about Jesus Christ than anyone else in history. Thank you Tina Louise Spalding for channeling this book. Williamson made her career proselytizing A Course In Miracles, a 1976 book written by Columbia University psychologist Helen Schucman, who believed the text had been dictated to her word-for-word by a spirit claiming to be Jesus Christ. This Hierarchy is made up of Gods and Goddesses who rule with infinite wisdom, equality and balance. “Channeling is about relationships. The popular New Age teacher and Democratic presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson, takes these teachings to be the basis of her worldview. Padgett and received through the means of automatic writing. com, Elisa Medhus Jesus (to Erik): Yes, I would feel comfortable using the term God. Fairy Tarot Cards: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook. Please read them in the following order if possible to gain maximum effect: Book 1. Students of the Guides offers streaming recordings of new and archived lectures — as well as the ability to enroll in Paul Selig’s livestream channeling series — all under one virtual roof, where students can gather, study the teachings, comment on the lessons, and Beginning with the classic book The Prism of Lyra in 1989, Lyssa Royal-Holt’s channeling has focused on presenting profound galactic wisdom in a grounded way to assist our lives on Earth. The Christ Within Revealed: Book 1: Channeling the Spirit of Christ [Askings, C. . Young describes her . Oct 18, 2020 · “Jesus was very real. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. It is not the average take on God-but a new revelation. The daily devotions in God Calling, written as though God/Jesus is speaking, came about in 1932 when two anonymous women decided to sit down with pencils and paper and wait to receive words from God. Chapter 8 The Travels of Jesus: Age Fifteen to Twenty-One 96. pptx-1. We begin with Moses as he tells the true story of leading the Israelites to the promised land. Channeling Jesus, Part Five Elisa Medhus April 9, 2012 in Channeling , Christianity and sprituality , Ego , Hell , Jamie Butler , Jesus Christ , Religion Enjoy the final part of Jesus’s interview. Jamie: Wow, does he do that in the book? The channeling would happen many more times, beginning in 1994, recorded, a book of words from Jeshua (Jesus) that Jayem prefers to call The Christ Mind  11 Nov 2015 She speaks for God. We are pleased to announce Students of the Guides, a new subscription website for the study of the Guides’ teachings. Items 1 - 48 of 110 Channeling & Mediumship The Christ Letters: An Evolutionary Guide Home Book on Mediums: Guide for Mediums and Invocators. Interviewing Toba, the Wife of Jesus This book was the result that followed, offering radical new insights on a number of traditional Christian themes, from the meaning of the holy trinity to the original intention behind the 10 commandments. And though you can't "know", in the sense of being fairly certain, if everything there is "the real thing", it's largely based on the connections between the sitter and the close deceased ones, and the stuff that comes out is, to my mind, brilliant and fits with "data" I find in other paranormal sources Check out this great listen on Audible. Jesus: My Autobiography and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Am I a lightworker? The Lightworker series. Gina has been channeling since 1989, and in 2012, she Tina Louise Spalding began channeling Jesus during the summer of 2013, when he appeared in her book Great Minds Speak to You. 10, Part 1 of 3 “Jesus was very real. Spirits Speak Channelling the Life of Jesus explains the incredible connection the Strohm’s have with God. Core Themes: Forgiveness, Enlightenment, Right Thinking. We ae also offering channeled teachings from Jesus who started channeling through this channel in 2013 at the end of the book Great Minds Speak To You. It reflects how he has expanded his service to the divine, since the time from 2000 years ago. Channeling - Information from Beyond. ” On October 6, 2009, my 20-year-old son Erik, took his own life. A Married Man. Strohm's books. " – Jesus You can purchase this book on Amazon here: http://mybook. #1. (Switzerland, 2009). Spiritual Books: Read our list of a 101 spiritual books, comprising the greatest collection of wisdom ever set Living Buddha, Living Christ - By Thich Nhat Hahn. Some of those answers came from the many books I bought, but This batch of seconds has a few pages that are out of alignment, but no text is missing. Sanaya Roman (shelved 8 times as channeling) Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene (This channeling was done in south France) Dear ones, dearest men and women, I am Mary Magdalene. 4:1–11; Luke 4:1 Elisa Medhus April 8, 2013 in Channeling, Christianity and sprituality, Jesus Christ, Religion I know this is the second post today, but I’ve decided to post a YouTube video from the Channeling Erik channel every once in a while. 95. In these teachings, Mary Magdalene speaks with a clear, loving voice that is sometimes direct and confrontational but mostly compassionate and deeply appreciative of New book! A new book has been published: Earth Speaks This book contains twelve channeled messages from Mother Earth by Pamela Kribbe. Join us as we discuss reincarnation, aliens, and more. These are only a few of the many channeled texts available, both online and in print. 99 I was told about Tina Louise's channelling books by a colleague at a medical  8 Dec 2017 The book is a comprehensive recording of “His” story as channeled to Padgett at a time in history when such things were deemed the work of the “  Tina Louise Spalding began channeling Jesus during the summer of 2013, when he appeared in her book Great Minds Speak to You. What would you ask him? What would you say to you? What would you give for that opportunity? You think such questions are pointless, but suppose t These books are written in a particular order that is designed to elevate your consciousness one step at a time. com for more Maitreya was the Christ and the Master Jesus was Jesus of Nazareth; the combination of the two beings functioned as Jesus Christ. 1 Feb 2020 Since the guides are fallen angels, they hate Christ with a passion, This book is said to be channeled directly from Jesus; however, what is  Yet this book denies biblical doctrine, especially the deity of Jesus Christ and His atonement. , lawyer James E. It doesn't A friend recommended this book and after reading it, I read another three books by Tina Louise Spalding. We ought not to call him God   Groot aanbod Channeling - New age & spiritualiteit in de online Boeken winkel. A recent channeling event. The Real Travels of Jesus. Some people have made claims that a "continuation" of The URANTIA Book is being "channeled. Lynn LaBorde on 02/20/2021Find Rev. In these channelings, he presents himself as Jeshua, a brother and friend to us rather than the deified authority that tradition made out of him. After all, there are many channels and mediums already - some of them charge for their services while others do not. It is about male and female energy, relationships, sexuality and healing. This book is the channelled autobiography of the life of Jesus told in the first person as it was received by James Padgett. jpg. Imagine if you could talk to real Jesus face-to-face. Author: Shapiro, Robert. The Sophia Code: A Living Transmission from The Sophia Dragon Tribe by Kaia Ra Paperback $13. ). *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. That means that it is possible for you to love as I did. Jesus frequently cast them out of people throughout His earthly ministry and out-argued the devil himself when He was tempted in the wilderness (Matt. ] on Amazon. e. Answers that would provide me and others with comfort and hope. Then, we will email you the link to download the audiobook. Since that sad and tragic day, an overwhelming sense of grief and despair propelled me into a search for answers. But now there is a more authentic story of his life and teachings that was channelled to the Washington, D. They are the Divine Father and Mother, chosen by the Hierarchy. BOOKS “My Son and the Afterlife” CHANNELING JESUS. Paradoxically, understanding May 15, 2018 · The channeled messages from Jesus, which this book is based on, were part of weekly online video meetings, where Gina Lake and her husband, who is also a nondual spiritual teacher, give what they call Christ Consciousness energy transmissions. A Biblical Story. Spirits Speak Channelling the Life of Jesus explains the incredible connection the Strohm's have with God. I have read several of Mr. The best part of the book was the parents attempt to find a picture of Jesus th 9 Apr 2012 Channeling Jesus part five through ChannelingErik. Not all will be interested in a book about channeling. Books; Channeling; ETs/UFOs; $16. Apr 04, 2017 · Hearing Jesus or Channeling Jesus? Following the pattern in God Calling, and seeking something beyond Scripture, Young decided “to listen to God with pen in hand, writing down whatever I believed He was saying. Best Sellers Rank : #2,885,405 in Books (See Top 100 in Books). In this book we channel the messages of Jesus and those that walked the earth with him as well as other famous holy spirits such as Moses, Mother Theresa and the Reverend Billy Graham. This opened up yet another amazing journey for Tina, channeling the fascinating and profound, Jesus, My Autobiography, which has been widely read and accepted in the A Course in Miracles Community. Gina Lake channeling Jesus, from her book Jesus Speaking: On Awakening to Love, explains what “the world is an illusion” means. If you landed on this site by mistake click the go back arrow button or if you want to continue, click Enter below Take an incredible journey to the heart with Summer Bacon, Trance Medium for the wise and witty spirit, Dr. This book is a must for open-minded people searching for understanding of the universe and the creator. When I speak to you in this way, through a channel, my soul makes a… Read More Read More Ginny initially (and still) has a hard time believing what was happening to her, but she has been working hard to become more comfortable with her new found gift. However, these people have varying levels of proficiency. ” [2] She determined that this message was “short, biblical, and appropriate,” so she wrote it in her journal. [3] Hearing Jesus or Channeling Jesus? Young writes that she was inspired by the book God Calling by Two Listeners. Apr 24, 2017 · Channeled books give us something we get nowhere else: crazy-sounding rants from spiritual beings who for various reasons haven’t quite perfected their English grammar. We believe that the present claims of "channeling" have diverted groups from the in-depth study of The URANTIA Book to the "short-cut" of seeking contact with spirit beings through voices or trancelike states. Delve into our site to learn the Bashar Basic Principles & expand your consciousness. This is when a spiritual entity conveys information from the spirit world to willing people who act as “channels. The Wife of Jesus. J. Channeled Works by Other Authors. In today's episode, we chat with the author, channeler, and medium, Barry Strohm. All books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or signed copies on this website. The New Earth I; The New Earth II; Lightworker I; Lightworker II; Lightworker III; From ego to heart I The teachings will vary by way of delivery, most works were channeled, but there are individual cases, like Dr Murdo MacDonald Bayne that wrote “The Jesus Lectures” where over a period of 14 talks, there was an actual physical transfiguration (a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state) which was witnessed by hundreds of his students. We’ll start right where we left off…. * FREE* shipping on qualifying Spirits Speak: Channeling Jesus and the Holy Spirits background. Cynthia Williams and Verling Chako Priest, PhD, Jesus/Jeshua ben Joseph's Jesus: My Beloved Connection to Humanity and the Sea is a fascinating read. This book contains a dialogue with and messages from Mary Magdalene, channeled by Pamela Kribbe (PhD). Lynn LaBorde at h This is Part 3 of an excerpt from Gina Lake's channeled book by Jesus, What Jesus Wants You to Know Today: About Himself, Christianity, God, the World, and B The Truth About Jesus; Book 1, Chapter 10, part 3 of 3 Ionasea October 20, 2020 No Comments In this post, we’ll wrap up the chapter on Jesus, as channeled through Lemuria. Jesus in Japan. 15 Sep 2020 I first became aware of trance channel Tina Louise Spalding a few years ago when I read her thought provoking, controversial book, Jesus, My  Channeling Paul Klee. Ships from and sold by Amazon. com, Elisa Medhus, MD and Jamie Butler. Strohm’s books. The Legend of Saint Issa. The transcripts and recordings can be found in the "Our Blog" section. us to ' watch out'! It is simply afraid of dying, and all its energy being f On this website, we present spiritual messages about inner growth, the christ is a regression therapist who often accompanies Pamela in the channeling The books also contain some channelings previously published on this website&nb If you are on a personal spiritual quest you have undoubtedly run into countless books, articles and websites claiming to be the message and teachings of Christ,   “Spirits” claiming to be angels, aliens, even God the Father or Jesus Christ eral hundred thousand who buy their books or attend their channeling sessions. His books are based on his gift of spirit communication. The Divine Mother and Father were chosen, in all fairness to be … As a preliminary to the ushering in of this time of peace and purity, man must cease to believe that it will appear with my coming in a manifested physical way, as a mortal conqueror who might come with legions of followers (Jude 14), the noise of drums, the force of arms and greatness of power to subdue my enemies. Padgett, through the means of automatic writing. (1) The women referred to themselves as “The Two Listeners,” and the messages they received from “Jesus” were conveyed through an occult process known as spiritual dictation. Oh, and some unique, life-changing firsthand insights, too. Bashar is a non-physical being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka. Far and away the most troubling aspect of the book is its very premise—that Sarah Young hears from Jesus and then  5 Jan 2016 Books like The Conversations with God book series, A Course in Miracles, The Seth Material, Abraham Hicks' books, and very recently Jesus  30 Mar 2016 Channeling, which is also called spiritualism or spiritism, Channelers also assert that Jesus was merely a channel or body God used,24 and that When We Die (New York: Ivy Books division of Ballantine Books, 1994), 23 Sep 2014 Sarah Young wrote the pseudo-Christian book Jesus Calling in exactly the same way as all the other automatic writers. For these reasons, Best Channeled Books is a book category that’s close to my heart, as it may be to yours. Spirits Speak: Channeling the Life of Jesus [Strohm, Barry R. Fallen angels are demons or evil spirits; they follow Satan himself, who is “the father of lies” (John 8:44). This is more than a book, it's a portal to  Browse Books: Body, Mind & Spirit / Channeling & Mediumship · A Year of Forgiveness: A Course in Miracles Lessons with Commentary from Jesus Cover Image. This story follows the chronology of the Gospels though with dramatic differences in the events of his life. Channeling Paul Klee. James K. Chapter 9 The married Life of Jesus 102. 28 Feb 2019 This book is easily one of the best-selling channeled books of all time, The narrator occasionally comes through as the voice of Jesus Christ,  29 Aug 2013 Books have been scribed, such as the little book which I authored around the turn of your past century called The Impersonal Life – you may be  14 Apr 1997 up to the dare of channeling Jesus because his own literary celebrity had The resulting book is a sort of novelized "Jesus Christ Superstar"  6 Apr 2012 Channeling Jesus part two - through channelingerik. " Hints of apocalyptic warnings are also Tom Moylan wrote on Channeling Jesus & Ananda's timeline — in Mashpee, Massachusetts. Russell’s God Calling books and Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling series may reject the idea of becoming a medium, channel, or psychic if it is put plainly before them. It is about the relationship that you build between yourself and God, and yourself and the rest of humanity. Love is your true nature as much as it is mine. You can order it from Booklocker ‘ In nature as a whole, there is a flow of communication that is based on the inner connection between all living beings. These channeled teachings from Jesus are based on universal truth, not on any religion . It proved to be a great challenge not only to accept the assignment he offered her-writing this autobiography-but also to face many of the fears that this unusual experience brought up. Continue to read . Gina Lake's books, her channeled messages from Jesus, her online courses, and the Christ Consciousness Transmissions she offers will help you do that. Jesus in Great Britain. #3,261 in New Age Channeling  The Trinity of Truth are books based on the spirit communications received by the Washington, D. However, if it is introduced indirectly through Christian-sounding devotions, and if the spirit being channeled is called “Jesus,” they might be more receptive. It has inspired a number of spinoffs, including Jesus Lives, Dear Jesus, Jesus Calling for Little Ones, Jesus Calling Bible Storybook, Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids, and Peace in His Presence. Return to Galilee. Pages: 215 In this book, the actual words of the most influential Christian leaders are channeled and recorded to bringing the reader the actual messages and teachings spoken by Jesus to his followers and disciples. Her website&n Tina Louise Spalding had been channeling Jesus for about two years and this book is the end result. Visit channelingjesus. However, the YouTube is now private, because Jamie has decided (and understandably so) not to publicize it as it might cause people to believe she espouses one religion above others. The immortal personality who lived the life we know as Jesus, along with his students and friends Jan 16, 2020 · Channeling and angelic activity are two different categories. Nov 20, 2008 · This item: THE JESHUA CHANNELINGS: Christ consciousness in a new era by Pamela Kribbe Paperback $16. This book  According to Christian belief, Jesus talked to God and communicated God's words Moses, it is alleged that he wrote the first five books of that channeled work. People have long sought answers to spiritual questions outside God's word, the Bible. For those who do not already know Sananda – it is the same loving soul who in previous times was known as Jesus or Jeshua. Peebles since 1994, as she writes about channeling in practical, down to earth terms. C. lawyer James E. jpg A small- scale illustrated artist book of photographs in color. the full event and over a hundred like it can be accessed in our community. Jesus uses metaphors to help the reader understand how this could be. It proved to be a great  5 days ago Channelling: Jesus, Christ Consciousness. Siblings of Jesus. Coming soon to Audible and Apple Books. Jesus traces his birth and formative years, his ministry, his death and resurrection. Here is an excerpt: “The love that is within me is also within you. Jun 18, 2018 · Few Christian books have sold as well and been shared as widely as Sarah Young’s devotional Jesus Calling. Jesus begins by telling the reader who God is and how we too are gods. The subjects on this site include channeling, reincarnation and spirituality. Walker. The channeled messages, book excerpts, and guided meditations, from Jesus on this channel are based on universal truth, not on any religion. 99. Jan 16, 2020 · More recently, the three-volume set called A Course in Miracles (1965) was said to be channeled by Helen Schucman who was writing what Jesus Himself dictated to her. The Jeshua channelings; Heart Centered Living; The Forbidden Female Speaks; Dark Night of the Soul; The Christ Within; Earth Speaks; E-book: The Egypt Channelings – From Fear to Joy; Essential Jeshua PDF; CHANNELINGS. It says of Jesus Christ, “He is not God…. The twentieth contributor to that book was Jesus, the ultimate celebrity in a sense. Channeling Jeshua (Jesus) while reading The Way of Mastery Book 1:The Way of the Heart Lesson 2 by Rev. He has recently finished channeling Jesus; My Channeling Jeshua (Jesus) while reading The Way of Mastery Book 1:The Way of the Heart Lesson 2 by Rev. pptx-2. to/ WhatJesusWants​ Explore over 25 books by Gina Lake available on Amazon:&n In 2012, Jesus began dictating books through her, which she receives in the same way that Helen Schucman received A Course in Miracles. An excerpt. Chillin’ with Jesus. Until now our knowledge of Jesus has come from the Gospels of the Bible, but because its contents have been translated, copied, and recopied with additions and omissions it cannot be relied upon. Jan 25, 2021 · Read the rest Posted in Jesus Ananda Channeling Tagged Channeling Messages, Higher Dimensional Beings, Intelligence Of The Heart, Universal Family Of Light Leave a Comment on Channeling Jesus ~ Ascension Series ~ Reflect Upon Your Life and Perceptions Channeling Jesus On Corona Virus update ~ Easter Sunday He is the author of Aliens Among Us - Exploring Past and Present as well as the Spirits Speak series featuring his latest book, Spirits Speak - Channeling the Life of Jesus. com channeling events. [18] [19] Those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings believe in the existence of the Maitreya; however, they believe that although he encouraged the mission of Jesus, he did not actually overshadow Jesus. Channeled messages from Jesus, given before Christ Consciousness Transmissions, which take place on Sundays at 11 audiobooks/books called Jesus Speaking: On Being in the World, Jesus Speaking: On Awakening to Love, and Jesus  Channeled audio recordings from Jesus on various subjects, channeled by Gina Lake. The book contradicts virtually every teaching of Christianity, including the divinity of Christ, the fall of The Most Recent Channeling from The Sacred School of OmNa by Natalie Glasson Archangel Michael Simplicity of Your Truth by Archangel Michael Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Archangel… Read more Jul 21, 2014 · Robert Schwartz' Your Soul's Plan is a book I adore, using 4 mediums (there's some channeling by at least one of the mediums, but they all use different approaches, i. The New Earth I; The New Earth II; Lightworker I; Lightworker II; Lightworker III; From ego to heart I The Truth About Jesus; Book 1, Chapter 10, part 3 of 3 In this post, we’ll wrap up the chapter on Jesus, as channeled through Lemuria. price€20,33. 79. C. Tina Louise Spalding began channeling Jesus during the summer of 2013, when he appeared in her book Great Minds Speak to You. In Awakening Love: How to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself, you will find out, as Jesus speaks to you directly about his most essential teaching in this channeled book by Gina Lake. He and his wife channel and share messages from various higher energies. His parents are the rulers of all the Galaxies and Universes. They will accelerate your spiritual growth, help you become more present in your life, and support you in living the life you're meant to live. He has published 6 breakthrough works of channeled literature, includingI Am the Word,The Book of Mastery, and the newly releasedThe Book of Freedom. Recommended Books You have landed on the Jesus Speaks book website. Lynn LaBorde at h Jan 14, 2014 · God Calling is a book of messages reputedly delivered by Jesus Christ to two women in England in the 1930s. Way back in about 1988 or so, the channeling process had begun, and every Friday evening growing He continued: "Open to the book of Jeremiah. It proved to be a great challenge not only to accept the assignment he offered her -- writing this autobiography -- but to also face many of the fears that this unusual experience brought up. Inspired by the New Age book God Calling, Sarah Young claims to be Apr 05, 2012 · Elisa Medhus April 5, 2012 in Afterlife, Channeling, Grief, Jesus Christ As many of you know, I videotaped this channeling session of our interview with Jesus. com. Historically these attempts at extra-biblical revelation have included new "scriptures" like the Book of Mormon or Bhagavad-gita; new prophets such as Joseph Smith; or through occultic "readings" as in astrology, or palm reading. What good books you have read about Jesus? Any genre -- theology, novels, biblical studies, historical, biographies, religious or secular, positive or negative, fiction or non-fiction. All In the   I have read several of Mr. This may appear backwards to those of you who studied the channelled writings of the Christian book of Revelation but now I have a revelation for you: This ancient channelling was purposely kept confusing and vague since not one entity in the universe could ever predict the actual outcome of your oncoming test! The Truth About Jesus; Book 1, Chap. Jesus Prepares to Change the World. Channeling Books Showing 1-50 of 249 Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide (Paperback) by. Loved them I did not include any books of the Old or New Testament's because, even the best book (Psalms) would not make the top 100, nor have near the The channeled Guides of I Am the Word provide a concise and immensely powerful program in This item:Jesus: My Autobiography by Tina Louise Spalding Paperback £11.