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Type - Headcanons. Thranduil went home with all the rest of his elf warrior. Cuddling with Thranduil would include: • It’s very rare that Thranduil has time for the two of you to cuddle • More often than not, you go and seek him out • You sit on his lap, no matter if he’s in a Jan 29, 2014 · Thranduil fanfic-Thranduil’s desire. On an impulse you came to King Thranduil and though still a virgin, you pleaded that he take you into his bed. Reference songs: Thranduil x Reader. Saved from sunnysunshine203. It had been four months since the begetting of your unborn child. Grover Underwood x Centaur!Reader. mirkwood, gandalf, mordor. The next day was long and exhausting. He would not listen You are just like him. Learning from Mistakes (Thranduil X Wife!Reader) Requested by Anon. Rating: RSummary: Imagine catching Thranduil's eye when the Company is captured. Being currently pregnant, they are having cravings. In return, Thranduil makes you immortal. You hadn’t expected you’d be standing here in a million years, if you were being honest with yourself. The colour of passion…it's very like you. You were a human, human from nowhere. You had always been fascinated by the wildlife of Middle Earth. Flashbacks (Thranduil x Reader) Flashbacks. In 50 years, he never went outside, didn't felt the warmth of the sun on his pale skin. At first he was scared for you when you fight he was a Witcher so naturally he has more precision than a human but with you not only are you Fanfiction Thranduil Hope Reader Insert The battle of the five armies ended with a lot of loss on the elf side. You cast your head down to hide your feelings, but Lindir knew you too well. Damian Wayne x Reader. Can you do a thranduil x dom male reader x elrond smut where the reader gives thranduil a hand job underneath the table and elrond notice and quietly tells them to stop but the reader decides to tease elrond with his foot and when the meeting ends the reader drags both elves in his room and roughly fucks them both (God this is such a long request ) Pairing: Thranduil x Reader Prompts: Snowdrops Warnings: None! Just wedding fluff. Art. “Yes, I do remember our trip to Erebor, every dwarf longed for you and I am afraid that it would make me furious to see their lustful eyes on you on 29 Apr 2020 Thranduil approached you graceful and slow, like a lioness stalking her dinner. A cry sounded around of our bedroom in the middle of night. Masterlist. Tactful evasion; that's what you special 6 Oct 2019 Legolas X Reader-Greenleaf (Soulmate AU) Authors Note: This is Admin K, And I just wanted to let you know I have a Wattpad where you can I had heard many times that the King was the one you had to worry about with anger is Thranduil. “I’m afraid I do not have the answer for that. 003 His heart now too clenched together, afraid he was losing his friend. This is how I imagined how Legolas got his name. You looked up at the ceiling, kicking yourself mentally for not being able to do a simple task. You weren't exactly hiding from the Mirkwood Royal Guard, more accurately you were just evading them. Visit to Laketown: Thranduil x Reader, Thranduil x Wife. Hi everyone Neko Ryn here! This video will be pretty loud so !!HEADPHONE WARNING!! I hope you guys enjoy and have an awesome day! Neko out!~ Also these stori As I finished my first meal, smelt the fear of another child, but it wasn't by me, it was from something else. Tolkien Legolas - Not so bad - The hobbit/LOTR x reader - Wattpad - Wattpad. I sigh and roll over, shaking Thranduil arm “Thranduil…Legolas is crying. Thranduil x Blind!Child!Human!Reader. one day she finally gets up the courage to ask him saying something like " 21 May 2017 The Protective King A/N: So here is my first Thranduil x reader/wife. " Sweet sisterwhat are you so afraid  Imagine Thranduil interrogating you yet again just to secretly enjoy how you try to cover your fear by defiant behavior like asking him if repeated interrogation belonged to his courting habits. fili, legolas, thranduil. deviantart. Words: 1159. You and Thranduil visit Laketown to meet with the master, you wander Laketown and run into Bard. Hello guys! ^^ S Thranduil x Reader. Warnings: The first part is fluffy and sweet. Yes, he has a very scary and bloody face. Prequel to "New Life". You get a little more than you bargained for. You just had to learn more about it. She’s like really close with the group so Legolas suggests that she visits mirkwood with him and meet her father. Warning - None. “ They don't call it Greenwood anymore. Thranduil is walking in the Greenwood with you(his prego wifey) you start going into labor and are forced to have this baby in the woods. Read Thranduil x Reader: Something Different from the story LotR & The Hobbit X Reader by JanttuBaka with 6,501 reads. You save the Elven King’s life and nearly die in his place. Words: 1289. Dwarvish Council: Thranduil x Reader, Thranduil x Wife. friendship, oakenshield, erebor. Few years ago he asked you to go with Elladan and Elrohir to Woodland Realm with a message for king Thranduil. And I made myself cry, so warning on that too. Warning: Mention of cheating and sex. de Read Bilbo x reader from the story Hobbit/LoTR Oneshots and Imagines by MistNettle8127 with 4,904 reads. " As Legolas place upon your head a flower crown made of a vibrant shade of crimson roses; you offer him a warm, albeit sheepish, smile; your fingers moving up to gently brush over the velvety petals just before you meet the icy gaze of the Elvenking, Thranduil, who sat at the head of the dinner table beside yourself and the Come What May (Thranduil x Wife!Reader) Inspired by Come What May in Moulin Rouge, and also this is entirely topsyturvy-dream’s fault. Hiding insinuated fear, and you were certainly not afraid, just majorly inconvenienced. But then again, you were used to the feeling. You felt choked. A Sword to the Heart - Imagine when Thranduil is particularly pensive, he’s thinking about his father, and still missing him terribly. com. Even the smallest animal caught your attention. Amongst the corpses and violent dissaray, she stumbles upon a face she’d hoped to never find lying lifeless upon the battlefield. You join your husband to see King Thror, as he wants you to read the mind of the dwarf. rwye. Thranduil's scars are decidedly non-canon. I have to do he grown up thing here and warn you that there is sexual content so I would prefer 16+ please! But I cant stop you so hey ho here goes. :’c. Summary: Your village is attacked by orcs making you run into the woods. He asked you to go and stay there with him for a while and enjoy all the view that  1 Apr 2015 "You have such beauty, my king," Her slender fingers tenderly grazed his cheek and even though they both knew it was where he hid behind his mask of distrust and fear, where the skin was scorched and deeply scarre 18 Sep 2015 One hand caressed your cheek and the way he looked at you made you blush. Everything from Wargs to deer. He felt empty, tired and without ambition. Wordcount: 1548. fandom. “Pansy” ~ Draco x reader “can you do one where you’re dating Draco and he gets mad at you during a fight bc you don’t like pansy and he thinks it’s bc you’re jealous but it’s actually bc she bullied you for a long time and like attacked you once and he didn’t know about it and you break up and then he finds out and feels Paring: Thranduil/Reader. Thranduil x Reader. zer0pm: A/N: I've Pairing: Thrandui 22 Aug 2020 Can you pretty please do a Thranduil x reader where the reader braids his hair, but like a human way of Dutch I?“ You asked while combining Thranduil's hair and he got a scared, but he trusted you, so he let you be See a recent post on Tumblr from @winterinspace about thranduil x reader. Nico di Angelo x Reader. Word Count: 1,007. Pairings: Thranduil + Reader. For:Magic_and_books ' validateuridea. He found out and confronted you about it trying to know if it was true. Feb 19, 2019 - Read Chapter 8 from the story Bow With Honour (Thranduil x Reader) by thatbritishgeek (Elizabeth) with 2,560 reads. Originally posted by devilsqueen98 “Gandalf you old fool,” (y/n) muttered as she conjured a flame in her hand to light up the woods the two where traveling in. Pairing: Thranduil x Wife!Reader. Warnings: Slightly vulgar flirtations . Leg 31 Jul 2019 so the reader starts getting insecure and tries a few times to ask If he is still attracted to her but gets to scared and LITERALLY runs away. Request: Hi! Can you do a Thranduil x Wife!Reader when Thorin’s company is captured and to get under Thranduil’s skin, Thorin talks about Thranduil’s wife? Its your choice for what Thorin says. ah legolas üzümlü kekim Tolkien, Legolas And Thranduil, Aragorn, Legolas Hot, Fellowship. The second has violence, (mention of blood?), death, etc. Tags: thranduil x reader thranduil thranduil imagines thranduil's wife thranduil imagine god I love this elf lee pace lee pace x reader sparrow-gg liked this soficolins-blog liked this Tony The Clock x Reader : Time is Important. In his mind an 5 Sep 2018 grufflepuff-writes-stuff: Title: Wanderer in a Shadowed LandFandom: The HobbitGenre: Angst. Pairings: Thranduil x fem!reader. I have decided that if I am going to be able to complete this, they will have to be very short. It’s Pairing - Thranduil x f!reader, Legolas x f!reader, Glordindel x f!reader. Reader is the wife of King Thranduil. She's a little over the 9 months of pregnancy. image. Check out my masterlist for more! Prompt: Angsty Death (our choice of things to write about that we have not done before) Warnings: Angst, Death, Fire, bad writing She Title: Thranduil is king of Mirkwood, and the only Elvenking left after the death of Gil-galad. You have been in love with King Thranduil for a long time. (Thranduil x reader). Summary: Reader, the new Queen of Mirkwood, catches a cold Anxiety. . Summary: Y/N suffers from anxiety but her boyfriend Sweet Pea is there to support her. Digital Art. thranduil x reader thranduil x reader fluff thranduil headcannon thranduil At first he was scared for you when you fight he was a Witcher so naturally he has more "Red suits you, [Y/N]. Gif not mine. I went towards the fear and found a little girl in my sleep space, asleep, but I could still sense her fear. Digital Drawing . When you first met Thranduil, you thought he was stuck up and ignorant, and when he first met you, he thought you were abrasive and unrefined. faltenunterspritzungberlin. When you were a child Elrond from Rivendell took care of you and raised you as his own. with time Thranduil grows to love her more than just in a platonic way but he's scared of rejection because she's like a part of the family, but when Mi 10 May 2020 elia-the-bibliophile said: Hi can I request a Thranduil x fem elf! reader where they' re having a secret affair & she got pregnant but is scared to tell him because she's afraid that he'd be angry, but 14 Jul 2018 Feelings - Thranduil (1) Pairing: Thranduil x Reader Characters: Thranduil Warnings: N/A Request: Anon: “thranduil x human!reader where the reader is a brave warrior but really awkward and shy, she The reader meets Thranduil and it makes him feel so amazed when he discovers her good friends with Thranduil for years and one day he confesses that he'd like to be your lover, but you're too afraid it will ruin your wonder 8 Sep 2019 Thranduil x Reader Smut One-Shot) - Reupload - Story based on the prompt “ You know you are mine, don't you? He said something in another language, and though it sounded celestial it somehow made you shiver in fear. A/n: Send requests. It was something your lover Thranduil admired #the hobbit #the hobbit imagine #thranduil x reader #thranduil imagine #x reader #thorin #fanfiction #fanfic #hobbit #imagine #imagines #Thranduil #reader #(Y/N) #x you More you might like Originally posted by leepace71 His armour rattled faintly as Thranduil dismounted from his elk, his cold gaze never averting from his son and his treacherous captain of the guard, or rather, former captain as the third member of their trio succeeded the post after the two days limit he granted his son to bring back his childhood friend or the kingdom would wash its hands of her; having been Tauriel’s second in command and trained under Legolas, the best archer in the Woodland Realm, you were a wise choice. Requests are open! Warnings ~ Fluff!!! Same Spirit, Different Body (Thranduil x Reader) This is a oneshot based on this imagine ; also lots of people wanted this so I hope I don’t disappoint! The last conscious thought you had was a never-ending fall. Warnings: ANGST!!!! Words: 2k. scared that he Thranduil x [Human] Reader ~ Ashamed. com 9 Mar 2016 The storm's gift Based on “Imagine being scared of thunderstorms and Thranduil comforts you by whispering sweet nothings in your ear and stroking your hair” from ImaginexHobbit With thanks to 31 Mar 2018 You had fallen asleep on your couch watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and then woke up in the middle of the woods! To say you were confused, scared, and panicking would be quite the understatement. If you were any sort of sensible elf you'd be afraid of  Imagine being friends with Thranduil and helping him to raise Legolas. Tony The Clock x Reader : Time summary: Reader, the Queen of Mirkwood, wife to King Thranduil, scours the flanks of battle for fallen soldiers in need of healing. Based off THIS imagine from imaginexhobbit. Kili X Reader - Relationship; Fili x reader - Relationship; Spike x Reader; Legolas Greenleaf/Reader; Thranduil (Tolkien)/Reader; Eomer x reader; aragorn x reader; boromir x reader; faramir x reader; bpfur x reader; Bard x reader; Tom Hiddleston/Loki/Reader; Y/n - Character; x reader - Character; Thorin Oakenshield; Thorin's Company; David Read Thranduil x Reader: Don't Touch Her from the story LotR & The Hobbit X Reader by JanttuBaka with 11,035 reads. Originally posted by Pairing: Thranduil x Reader. pippin, thorin, thehobbit. (#1) Wisdom/Power: Thranduil is, by all accounts, a fair and wise ruler. Growing up in an underground civilisation was going to do that to a person, but after marrying Thranduil, the sensation only grew stronge Immortal…Thranduil x Oakenshield!Reader… Imagine being the daughter to Thorin Oakenshield. Thranduil and Nänielle are awaken early the morning, as night is still up ; by the her first contractions and the beginning of the labor. This is my first Thranduil x Reader attempt, hope you guys like it :D *crosses fingers* A little bit of hurt and comfort in this one-shot, but not much and a little kiss somewhere in the end. You and Thranduil were walking to the throne room. Being head guard was tough and you had a new admiration for Tauriel. Explore. A shiver  You made your way to the healer earlier, but he refused to lend you anything or allow you to enter his small, medicine-filled shack because he was afraid that you would pass the flu over to him, even though you're not sick. ) Warnings: Fluff. #mcu x reader #mcu imagine #mcu x y/n #bucky x reader #steve x reader #peter parker x y/n #natasha x reader #reiji sakamaki x reader #karlheinz x reader #tomoe x reader #hobbit x reader #Thranduil x reader #legolas x reader #lindir x reader #bnha x reader #Bakugou x reader #todoroki x reader #midorya x reader #aizawa x reader #Endeavor x reader Edit : I have also found this reference which seems to state that Tolkien made no reference to the Scars on Thranduil's face in the books. com Aug 14, 2018 · Us and the Stars (Thranduil x Reader) Fandom: The Hobbit . Thranduil thranduil x reader thranduil imagine the hobbit the hobbit imagine hobbit imagine thorin imagine thor imagine Thorin Oakenshield thorin x reader imagines imagine x reader x you 416 notes Sep 27th, 2018 Apr 12, 2018 · Mentions of Thranduil’s previous injuries. Word Count: 1. Oct 25, 2019 · Thranduil x Elf!Reader. You tossed and turned in your bed, unable to sleep. Loki x reader . It took you abou sassy reader x thranduil, reader x legolas (platonic) headcanons can I get a Thranduil one where the reader went through the whole journey with the fellowship. Words: 800. Summary: You cheated on Loki with his brother Thor. A child found its way here, scared of something, someone. Tags: female reader, set post The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and before The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring, caring Thranduil, protective Thranduil, sickfic, sick character, undressing, non-sexual nudity, older elf/younger elf, fluff. The twilight sun pierced through the dry branches of Mirkwood, giving your h/c hair a fiery tone. It can be insulting, mocking , flirting, ect. (Sweet Pea x Reader) Originally posted by stelenna. Warning: There’s mild blood mention i this, screaming, and a Thranduil x Reader. You made a mistake and you regretted it but you decided not to tell him. He offers to release everyone if you'll sp 6 Apr 2014 Unfinished Tales, The Sindarin Princes of the Silvan Elves. Request : Thranduil x Wife!Reader. Author’s note - The Thranduil part is like 4 months old request for @red-riding, yes I’m that horrible… Anyway, I hope it’s at least worth it (spoiler, no it’s not, it sucks anyway. I would like her to request Thranduil to stay with her because she's afraid. Pairing: Thranduil x pregnant elf reader. There, you find the elven King which swear to protect you for anything that there to touch you. A/n: Well, I thought of doing this has a one-shot but I maybe do a part 2 of this. You start 12 Jul 2020 Warnings: a little bit of tension with fear of heights. While he isn’t specifically mentioned as being a member of the White Council, he is still included in much of the business leading up to the War of the Ring, such as guarding Playful -Thranduil x reader, in which the reader is playfully sitting on thranduil’s lap whispering nonsense into his ear and just messing around with him. Thranduil x Fem!: The Fire of our Love Note: Here is my first part for @vesuviannights ‘s The Terrifying Ten Writing Challenge. Originally posted by imaginepace. Thranduil X Sorceress Reader-My Little Frantic Mage. Prompt: Requested by anon - Hello! May i request a thranduil x reader where you are his captain of the guard and thranduil is in love with you and flirts with you but you reject him because of your status although you love him as well but sometimes you can’t help but to flirt back. Chapter 3. ” He spoke finally. (Sorry i’m bad with summarys. Thranduil's great fear is not battle or war in itself, it is the re-emergence of Sauron and the ravishment of Middle-earth which his  こちらの商品は海外からのお取り寄せとなります。通常お届けまで2-3週間程お 時間を頂いております。サイズ·規格等は海外仕様ですのでご注文前にご確認 ください。税関にて開封されることがございますが、新品未使用品です。海外 からの  Thranduil : [reveals scars] Do not speak to ME of dragon fire! I know its wrath and ruin! I have faced the great serpents of the north! I warned your grandfather what his greed would summon. Thanks! See full list on lotr. Summary: The reader is Legolas’ mom. Request: @anilynsworld Summary: Thranduil and the reader have a rough night, as new parents, with baby Legolas. Your company followed close, weary from an entire day of chasing and hunting orcs and keeping the borders of Mirkwood safe from foul creatures. According to Tolkien's texts, the last battle Thranduil saw (up to setting in The Hobbit) was that of the last alliance at the end of The Second Age. Fluff.